Desert Festival Jaisalmer – The Enchanting Festival at the Desert City Jaisalmer

  •  9/20/18, 8:44 AM
  •  Rajasthan Explorer

Jaisalmer which was once a medieval trading center is now the center of a desert festival set amongst the passionate, secluded and intact sun dunes of the Sam Dunes. The festival takes place every year and is a must event to be at if you want to know the cultural heritage that India has to

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Monsoon to start withdrawing from Saturday: Driest September in 17 years followed by heavy rain has damaged kharif crops

  •  9/25/18, 8:05 AM
  •  Social

Unprecedented heavy retreating monsoon rains, in an otherwise dry September, have raised concerns over damage to paddy, cotton and soy crops, especially in parts of north India.

According to reports, this month was the driest September in last 17 years — barring the past few days

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Stubble burning: Delhi at risk of another smog attack as Punjab farmers have little alternative but burn straw

  •  10/10/18, 8:46 AM
  •  india news

State measures

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